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Welcome to SFI

At SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, you can learn to speak, read and write Swedish. SFI is free and you can take both daytime and evening classes. Whether you already know some Swedish or are a complete beginner, SFI can help you.

What you can study at SFI:

• Swedish as language training
• Swedish with vocational studies
• Swedish as a combined course
• Swedish for Academics or people with other professional qualifications


SFI as language training

SFI offers three study options and a choice of four courses. You study at the level of proficiency in Swedish and the pace that suits you and set your own goals in consultation with teachers.


When you achieve your goals for a course, you will receive a grade. After SFI, you can continue your studies at Komvux.

SFI with

vocational studies

If you are studying SFI on study option 2 course B, you can study Swedish and also learn the language within a vocational area at the same time.

For example, you can learn more about building and property maintenance, care and child care or warehouse and store operations.

SFI as a

combined course

If you are studying SFI at C or D level, you can take a vocational training course at the same time as you study Swedish.

For example, you can train to become a nursing assistant, chef, child carer, kitchen assistant, construction work or to get a job in the retail or hotel industry.


SFI for academics or people with other professional qualifications

If you already have a university degree or professional qualifications, you can study SFI together with similarly qualified students.


This course is called SFX and you will be eligible if you are in a category such as
bus driver, entrepreneur, craftsperson, engineer, HGV driver, medical personnel, teacher, lawyer, economist and many other professions.

To apply to SFI, you must...

• Be at least 16 years old

• Have a full civil registration number and be registered in the City of Stockholm

• Visit Vuxenutbildningscentrum on Rosenlundsgatan 52

• Bring your passport or other ID


How to apply:

• Register at the reception desk
• Explain what you have studied or worked with before
• Take a language test, if necessary
• Choose which option and school you wish to apply for


Your visit will take from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


Opening hours Vuxenutbildningscentrum

Vuxenutbildningscentrum, Rosenlundsgatan 52, Stockholm



Kontakt sfi

Telefonnummer: 08-508 35 450
Epost: sfi@stockholm.se




Telefontider, varje helgfri vardag: 

Kontakt komvux

Telefonnummer: 08-508 35 400

Telefontider, varje helgfri vardag: 

Måndag:       9.00–11.00 och 13.00–15.00

Tisdag:          9.00–11.00 och 13.00–15.00

Torsdag:       9.00–11.00 och 13.00–15.00  

Adress komvux


Rosenlundsgatan 52



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